BOISE -- Another Idaho college is reporting a drop in student enrollment. The College of Southern Idaho's mid-semester enrollment report shows 853 fewer students enrolled this year than last year, an overall decrease of 9.4 percent.

The University of Idaho has reported a drop of more than five percent. And Boise State University says its enrollment is down by less than three percent.

However, Boise State spokesman Greg Hahn says the enrollment numbers represent a positive trend happening at BSU.

A lot of it is just the change in nature in the students coming here, said Hahn.

Hahn says the biggest percentage drop occurred in non-degree seeking students. Non-degree students are part-time students who take one or two courses based on interest or career enrichment, not for the purpose of earning a four-year degree.

It's sort of a shift in this new student body basically, said Hahn. It's a different student body than we used to have 10, 20 years ago.

Hahn says 90 percent of this year's freshman class at Boise State is coming straight from high school. Ninety-five percent is seeking four-year degrees, which Hahn says wasn't always the case at BSU.

It's allowed Boise State to become kind of a different university. And that's reflecting in the student body, said Hahn.

Hahn says Boise State is now retaining more students. The number of juniors and seniors is up, and graduation rates are increasing, according to Hahn.

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