BOISE -- Dean Worbois is a 68-year-old artist and former waiter whose tiny house in Boise's North End is big on character.

Originally purchased in the mid-40s by his grandparents, Worbois' home near 9th Avenue and Brumbaugh Street is decorated in hand-made stained glass and features a model train set suspended on wires and inspired by a dream.

What exactly is a tiny house, according to Worbois?

One of the definitions I've always enjoyed is that it's a house that I can have cleaned in 20 minutes, he says with a big smile.

Warbois also jokes when he describes the house as a tar paper shack, saying it was originally only two rooms, but was gradually built larger over the years. It now includes hardwood floors, custom furnishings and built-in electronics, and a walk-in stone shower, among other improvements.

The best part?You can see it for yourself on Saturday.

Organizers approached Warbois and about a dozen other folks in Boise's North End to create the first ever Tiny House Tour set to run this Saturday at 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

All if the tiny houses are 1,000-square feet or less, and are located near the Hyde Park area. Tour organizer JonKrutz says the concept of a tiny house tour is something that's never been done before.

The hook I guess is that all the houses are 1,000 square-feet or smaller, Krutz said, adding that tiny house living is actually coming back in some larger urban areas.

Saturday's tour cost is $20, with the proceeds going to benefit the Boise High School Chamber Orchestra and its upcoming trip to perform in Europe. Tickets can be purchased at or by calling 854-4318. Tour packets can be picked up at Goody's in Hyde Park on Saturday.

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