NAMPA -- A Nampa High School junior is the talk of the school after he recently surprised everyone when he took center stage and shined.

Isaac Baker has a passion for singing. And his favorite song is the Star Spangled Banner.

It's always been something he's interested in, said special education teacher Andrew Healy. We hear him singing in class, singing at different times. He has some problems with his speech, but when he sings, those problems go away.

When his teachers heard him sing the national anthem start to finish, they were blown away.

We thought wow, that's something, and we immediately thought of these opportunities where he could do that in front of people, said Healy.

Opportunities like the girls varsity volleyball game.

We weren't sure if it's something he wanted to do, said Healy. But we asked and he was like, 'yeah, great!'

Nampa High students knew how much the performance meant to Isaac.

He was really excited, said Karissa Thueson. I know he practiced a long time for it because he wanted it to be perfect.

When the moment arrived, Isaac was nervous, but he put on an amazing performance.

He got in front of everybody and did it, said Healy. It was amazing to see.

It was really cool, it brought me and her to tears, I was crying. It was amazing, said NHS volleyball players Karissa and Kira.

The football players came to support Isaac too.

It was very exciting, said Jacoby Regaldo. We came and he sang his heart out, and we all sang along with him.

Isaac says his moment in the spotlight made him feel special.

It was amazing, he has so many people in the school that love him, said Healy.

Now Isaac is a star on campus and has even been asked to sign autographs.

It feels kind of great, he said.

His teachers say Isaac is an inspiration.

As a special needs student he opens up the possibility to other students that hey, I can do this, said Healy.

You can watch Isaac's entire YouTube performance below:

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