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BOISE -- Some public schools were hoping to hit the jackpot Monday in what lottery officials describe as the largest scratch-off event ever held in Idaho.

One hundred Treasure Valley schools took part in the annual scratch for schools event at CenturyLink Arena.

The schools get to keep the winnings from their tickets, and a lot of the participants brought their school spirit to the contest.

We have a lot of people that take this very, they get very enthusiastic about the event, said David Workman, Idaho Lottery spokesman. They'll come wearing outrageous costumes and outfits, but you know, enthusiasm counts when you're having a good time.

The event is a fundraiser for Treasure Valley public schools. Each school gets to keep the winnings from their tickets to pay for things like books, supplies, repairs, and other educational improvements.

The top scratching schools were: White Pine Elementary with 297 tickets in 5 minutes winning $594 followed by Sage International Elementary and the Ada County Detention Center.

In all, this group was able to scratch about $20,000 worth of tickets or about $200 per school.

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