BOISE -- They were the first, and so far only, set of quadruplets to be born at Saint Alphonsus in Boise. And this week the Finken quadruplets were reunited with the doctors and nurses who helped them survive those first, critical weeks of life.

Benjamin, Samuel, Alexander and Emilee were born 10 weeks prematurely on St. Patrick's Day in 2009.

Their parents, Rich and Tracy Finken, called them fighters from day one.

The babies were born roughly one minute apart. Benjamin weighed the heaviest at three pounds, 10 ounces. Emilee weighed the smallest at just two pound, two ounces.

Now four-and-a-half years later, the Finken children are all grown up.

We're so blessed that they're healthy and happy when they're not fighting (laughs), said Tracy Finken, mother of quadruplets.

The Finken quadruplets are among the dozens of children, who were once treated at Saint Alphonsus Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, now reunited with some of the doctors and nurses who saved their lives.

Saint Alphonsus hosts the reunion party for NICU graduates every year, but this is the first year the Finkens have attended. They now live in Utah.

This is the best part of what we do, said Dr. Jennifer Merchant, neonatologist at Saint Alphonsus.

Merchant was one of the 18 professionals who prepared for the arrival of the first set of quadruplets in the history of Saint Alphonsus.

We take care of these tiny babies that are fragile and need a lot of assistance and need a lot of care, said Merchant. And they miraculously grow before our eyes, said Merchant.

Nurse Margery Johnson alsoremembers being in the delivery room four years ago.

We worked really hard to get them where they're at, and it's really fun to see them running around and playing, said Johnson.

Respirators were placed on each of the Finken children, but those came off within two hours. The fighters that they are, all four newborns were strong enough to breathe on their own. However, they still had a ways to go, spending up to 10 weeks in the NICU.

Their mother says they've haven't slowed down since they left Saint Alphonsus.

It's busy, busy, busy. A lot of sleepless nights, said Tracy Finken.

Benjamin, Samuel, Alexander and Emilee are now in preschool. Their mother says they are typical four-year-old children, even though many consider the reunionMonday night inBoiseto be a miraculous one.

I''m so grateful for the nurses and doctors that work at Saint Al's. It's kind of emotional, said Finken.

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