BOISE Ada County Sheriff's Office detectives say they have solved dozens of car break-ins and vandalism that occurred during the summer.

Two 15-year-old boys are charged with 43 crimes in the Hazelwood subdivision south of Boise. The car burglaries took place in the neighborhood between Lake Hazel Road and Valley Heights Drive in late July and early August.

Detectives say the boys admitted they would walk through the neighborhood looking for unlocked cars. One boy acted as a lookout while the other rummaged through the cars. They would go out after 9 p.m. and return home a few hours later.

The teens stole items they found in the vehicles, including iPhone chargers, knives, a backpack, glasses, money, jackets, and other items. They also took a guitar out of an open garage.

They also admitted to throwing rocks through the windows of homes under construction in the area and damaging metal drainage grates on top of Lake Hazel Middle School in July. For those crimes they are charged with five counts of malicious injury to property.

They are also charged with 22 counts of burglary; two counts of attempted burglary; one count of grand theft; and 13 counts of petit theft.

Detectives say the boys kept most of the stolen items and detectives were able to return many of those to victims.

The boys, who have no prior offenses, are now in an Ada County Juvenile Court Services diversion program, which requires them to make financial restitution to the victims.

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