GARDEN CITY, Idaho -- Organizers of a very popular and long-running gun show are crying foul. They say they had to cancel this past weekend's event after Ada County officials increased the required insurance. But those officials say they're just trying to make sure everyone is covered.

The Fort Boise Gun Show had been running for 50 years, twice-a-year at Expo Idaho, and was scheduled for this past weekend. It didn't happen, and organizers say it won't come back to that location.

No one is very happy about this, said Steve Nielsen, the vice president of the EE-DA-HOW Long Rifles Gun Club that runs the Fort Boise Gun Show. Those gun shows are the main fundraisers for their club and allows them to run the Blacks Creek gun range.

The loss of the gun shows will be a significant smack in the nose for us, said Nielsen.

But back in April at that Fort Boise Show, a gun accidentally went off, sending shrapnel into a man's eye.

Bob Batista is the director of Expo Idaho. When a person almost loses their eye that's a serious issue.

Now, Batista says they're requiring $2 million more in insurance for any gun show. He says that's to make sure if there's another accident that everyone's covered. It's like if you get in a wreck with a car, chances are your insurance is going to go up depending upon the magnitude of the accident. So we looked at it that way and felt that it was comfortable enough and reasonable enough.

Nielsen says that increases the show's insurance premium from about $2,000 to about $20,000. We had two choices, come up with the money to pay for it or forget it. And the only choice we really did have was to forget it. We don't have that kind of money.

Nielsen says they're looking for another place to hold their show. They say if they find one, it could be held as soon as November.

Again, these new insurance requirements are for any gun show in the future. However, that doesn't go for a gun show scheduled for November since it was contracted under the old rules.

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