BOISE -- Police busted two large parties over the weekend, one involving a group of high school students and another with college-age students.

Both reports to police stemmed from neighbor complaints. And combined, police issued multiple citations, including 39 for underage drinking and three for public urination.

Authorities say they first found a group of high school students drinking vodka out of water bottles, early on Saturday night. Five of seven teenagers that were found had blood alcohol levels of .20 or higher.

The second party was reported by neighbors for noise, suspicious activity and public urination. Once on scene near Belmont Street and South Leadville Avenue, police found broken glass and fresh blood on the porch of one home.

Police say no one at the party was found with any serious injuries, but they did find several underage drinkers out on the streets near the party. According to authorities, many had blood alcohol levels of .15 or higher.

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