EAGLE -- A group of students and their families had a taco dinner Wednesday evening -- a really big taco dinner.

In an effort to break the Guinness World Record for the longest line of tacos, some 600 people gathered at Eagle Christian Church and went to work building a snaking line of tacos, said youth minister Mike Maglish.

In the end, 2013 overlapping taco shells stretched some 822 feet. That's almost the length of three football fields, and beats the previous record by more than 500 tacos.

According to Maglish, a Guinness representative was not on-hand, so the record is not yet official. Following Guinness rules, organizers needed two witnesses (the Star police chief was one of them) and a professional surveyor to confirm the dimensions of the taco line.

Maglish said the surveyor confirmed the record-breaking length, and now they're just waiting for official verification from Guinness.

After all the measurements and cheering ended, participants went to work devouring the world's longest line of tacos. What wasn't eaten was donated to the Boise Rescue Mission.

The record-breaking attempt was organized as a kickoff event for Next-Gen Ministries, a church youth group for middle school through college-aged students.

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