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BOISE -- Idaho Power says there are still 559 customers that live in small towns impacted by the Elk and Pony Complex Fires that don't have any electricity.

Spokesman Kevin Winslow says crews continue to make progress against the outages. They are working to replace an estimated 129 power poles that were destroyed in the fires.

At the peak of the outages, roughly 700 customers were left without power in the areas of Prairie, Mountain Home, the Anderson Ranch Dam area, Pine and Featherville.

Winslow says keeping crews safe is the top priority. The wildfires burning across southern Idaho have been very intense. As of Friday morning, the Elk Complex Fire had charred around 117,000 acres, while the Pony Complex Fire blackened close to 148,000 acres.

On Thursday evening, Idaho Power crews were able to set four poles and replace sections of wire the Badger Creek area, and tended to underground facilities that were damaged in the Anderson Bluffs area. They also replaced another pole by the Green Creek Ranch north of Pine.

There are still 557 customers within the Elk Complex Fires who don't have power.

Idaho Power must wait for approval from fire managers before entering areas and begin work to safely restore power to homes and cabins.

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