NAMPA--Getting the opportunity to name something can be challenging and fun. Many in the Vallivue School District will get the chance to do just that in a contest to name the new high school set to open in 2016.

The school will be built in what's now a field on the Southeast the corner of Madison and Linden roads in North Nampa.

For 50 years the Vallivue School District has had only one high school, Vallivue High. Now it's preparing to break ground for a second.

This is kind of an historic moment opening up a second high school in the district, said District Superintendent Pat Charlton.

Charlton says Vallivue High is already at capacity and will be 33 percent over capacity by the time the new school opens.

We knew we were growing and our high school was built for about 1,800 and we reach that point last year, said Charlton. We knew that was coming, but with the economic downturn we just put it on the back burner.

The passing of a $50 million bond earlier this year made moving forward on the school possible.

I think there's a sense of excitement and our entire district. This is going to change our district forever of course, said Charlton.

And with that excitement comes figuring out a name for the school.

So KTVB asked some of the district employees what they would name the school.

I like Sahara High, said Shaunna Noe. Yeah. Keeping with our desert seem on the other side of the district.

And the colors? Blue and orange, said Noe making it clear she's a Boise State fan.

Monte Vista is a nice alternate choice, said Kristy Baumchen. Mascots, I haven't given it much thought.

I would like the sounds of Riverside High School Rattlers, said Charlton.

When asked what about the school's possible colors, Charlton would only say which colors the school would not be using. I think were going to move away from brown this time around, it's really hard to find brown uniforms, said Charlton, referring to Vallivue High School's brown and yellow.

Middle school students and incoming freshmen will participate in a contest to name the school, the mascot and decide colors.

Ultimately though it will be up to the school board to make the final decision.

When the new high school opens the district will move teachers from Vallivue high and some of the middle schools to fill the openings.

There will also be several new openings for music, art and language teachers.

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