NAMPA The Amalgamated Sugar Company is working with the Environmental Protection Agency to reduce emissions put off by its Nampa plant. The emissions reductions are geared toward reducing haze, specifically in state parks.

The changes will be made to the boilers inside the Nampa plant. As part of state and federal regional haze requirements, The Amalgamated Sugar Company agreed with the EPA to put low NOx burners on the boilers that break down the sugar beets.

The burners are combustible devices placed on the boilers that will reduce Nitrogen Oxide emitted into the air.

Computer models created by the EPA show that under certain meteorological conditions, the gasses can be seen a long way away.

The bottom line is it will reduce emissions from our facility and it also addresses the requirements of EPA to address the visibility requirements at national parks, said Dean DeLorey, Director of Environmental Affairs.

As for the Treasure Valley DeLorey says the new low NOx burners will make only a negligible difference when it comes to haze and will have no impact on the smell.

DeLorey says the changes need to be completed by July 2016. The company will take the next three years to evaluate and install the equipment.

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