BOISE -- The eastbound lanes of Overland Road were closed Friday afternoon after a water main broke flooding part of the street.

Ada County Highway District and United Water had crews on scene on Overland between Cloverdale and Five Mile roads.

ACHD officials say the water caused significant damage which could keep lane restrictions in place until early next week.

Unfortunately it happened late afternoon. Kind of heading into the evening commute time, which is never ideal, said ACHD spokesperson Christine Myron.

Crews were working to get one lane open in each direction, but ACHD is warning drivers of delays going through the weekend.

Mark Snider, a spokesperson for United Water, said the 8 inch PVC pipe, that the company acquired, collapsed underneath the road.

The pipe that broke was installed somewhere around 1996. A little older piece of pipe. The ground underneath it could have settled. A large rock could've been pressing on that main for a number of months or longer, and finally just broke though, Snider explained.

That pipe was connected to a 12 inch piece of pipe and so water and lots of it started to flow.

So when that broke there was an awful lot of water that is what caused a lot of the road bed damage, said Snider.

Snider said 300 feet of Overland Road started to rise.

It actually burst up the asphalt it created a hole, said Myron.

A sinkhole 12 feet by 6 feet in size was created with all the rushing water, Myron also said it is very deep.

At one time, the first reports when they actually went and assessed it, I think somebody was able to stand in it and it was waist high, she said.

So crews acted fast to block off the mess and keep drivers safe.

Now ACHD and United Water crews will continue to assess the damage and crews hope to have the road fixed by sometime next week.

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