BOISE -- On June 30th, 19 firefighters lost their lives fighting a wildfire in Arizona. And now, the Wildland Firefighter Foundation has decided to give a piece of Boise to the community of Prescott. That gift will be the statue currently standing at the Boise Airport.

It stands 9.5 feet tall, weighs 1,300 pounds, and was put there 10 years ago to recognize all wildland firefighters. But in just a few days it will stand in Prescott, Arizona, to honor the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots.

Wildland Firefighter Foundation Director Burk Minor said he was speechless when he first found out about the tragedy.

This is the most traumatic loss the wildland community has had since 1930, that's devastating, said Minor.

He wanted to honor the lives lost, and the men he considers to be like family.

Nineteen at once is just terrible, any one is terrible to have nineteen is... I don't even have words for it, said Minor.

He hopes the symbol of this statue reflects the suffering felt here in Idaho, as well.

In the wildland community it doesn't matter what state they're in, these guys are a tight-knit community. We serve them all, so it's very, very deep, said Minor.

Minor is now coordinating how to get the 1,300 pound statue out, and how to get it safely to Arizona.

I think we're going to try to get it on a Boeing tonight or first thing tomorrow morning to fly it down there and get it delivered down there, said Minor.

He is also planning to fly down with the statue to be there for the firefighters' memorial ceremony. Thousands of people are expected to attend that event in Prescott, on Tuesday.

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