BOISE -- 'Be knowledgeable, and be prepared for disasters.' Those were the messages Saturday at the Discovery Center of Idaho.

DCI, along with the Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security, hosted 'Disaster Days' on Saturday.

Susan Cleverley, with the Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security said, We brought a whole team of different agencies together to present what they do to help us with hazards and be safe in Idaho.

Homeland Security just updated its state hazard mitigation plan, and is trying to get the word out about what disasters to be prepared for, and how to prepare.

Disaster Days was all about reaching kids with exhibits and activities.

The Boise Fire Department let kids try on hazmat suits. The Idaho National Guard let children detect hazardous materials (in tiny non-harmful amounts) with hand-held instruments. Also, Idaho Firewise showed kids how fire can spread with 'matchstick trees.'

This was not to scare children, but to let them know they can be safe if they prepare properly.

We're trying to make them aware that there are multiple hazards that happen in Idaho, but this is basically a pretty safe place to live, said Cleverley.

Silver Sage Girl Scouts Sarah, Desiree, and Hayley were just some of the youngsters that enjoyed the exhibits.

We are looking at stations and seeing what they are all about, said Desiree.

They seemed to get the message, too. You never know when it happens, said Hayley. It's always good to be prepared, just in case something happens out of nowhere.

The Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security also wants public input on their new state hazard mitigation plan. For a link to that, click on the hotlinks.

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