BOISE -- The saying goes: 'There's no such thing as free lunch.

We beg to differ. Sort of.

That's because the lunch 'by-products' of exotic circus animals are freely available at Boise's CenturyLink Arena through Sunday.
In other words, we're talking about circus poop. Lots of it.

There is a general interest in elephant manure, said El Korah Shrine Potentate Ron Lester.

Representatives with the El Korah Shrine Circus are advertising the inexhaustible supply of this mineral rich fertilizer generated constantly in gargantuan proportions by all the Circus' animals!

Habib Omar is the elephant trainer with the circus.

He said the stars; Bonnie, Becky and Libby are 8,000 pound Asian elephants. They can drink 200 gallons of water a day, so just think of what they eat.

It s like people, if they like what they eat, they are going to eat three four bales each, explains Omar. Apples, bananas, you name it they love it.

Those with the Shrine Circus said the manure really is free because the regular cost of removing the manure is appreciable.

That means those who've always wanted to fertilize their petunias with elephant or tiger poo can score a rare opportunity.

I suspect that there is probably a factor of uniqueness to it and as a conversation piece, well you get a little bragging rights, laughed Circus chairman Joe Randall.

Lester said folks from all over the state are asking about the exotic manure.

We had a guy from Idaho Falls pick it up and Pocatello picked it up, explained Lester. There is an interest in it throughout the state.

So if you are someone who wants some manure, you're in luck. There will be poop in a dumpster container at CenturyLink as long as the circus is in town.

Furthermore, the circus says it's more than ready to give away this golden guano stash to anyone who shows up with their own container and pair of clothespins.

A good piece of advice:circus crap experts say the manure should be left outside to weather for a few months before unloading on your plants.

For more information about poop collection, contact Brandon Coates at 208-461-5070

For information about the El Korah ShrineCircus, see the event listing on KTVB.COM

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