BOISE -- A fallen tree created a hazard for floaters in the Boise River Tuesday afternoon.

The Boise River Dive Team was called to the scene to assist floaters get around a large tree that was blocking the channel.

Boise Fire Battalion Chief Dave Cooper says several rafts became stuck in the tree. And one young girl was evaluated by paramedics after being caught in the cold water.

Floaters were diverted about one-quarter of a mile downstream from the Baybrook footbridge. They had to take their rafts out of the water and walk around the blockage on the Greenbelt.

Firefighters say it appears the tree fell into the river due to erosion.

The Boise River Dive Team was able to remove the tree from the river channel.

Boise River users are cautioned to be aware that river conditions, including possible hazards, can change daily.

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