CALDWELL -- A small business owner in Caldwell is asking for the community's help to find out who robbed his store Monday night.

Police confirmed that Anglers Habitat was broken into overnight, where thieves got away with thousands of dollars of merchandise.

The owner of the store, Wayne Johnson says they took 50 pair of sunglasses, two specialty strollers and around 100 rods and reels among other things.

They're not going to be easy to sell. These things are very highly specialized and not many people buy these types of reels. So it's not going to be easy to sell them, and they're not going to get the dollar value out of them when they attempt to sell them, said Johnson.

Johnson asks if someone is trying to sell a high volume of reels without warranty cards or boxes to alert police.

He's also throwing in a personal $1,500 reward leading to the arrest of these suspects.

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