BOISE -- Running 180 miles in seven days is no easy feat, even for experienced marathoners. However, a Marsing couple proved that where there's a will, there's a way.

Michelle Jacobi was one of 16 runners to take part in MS Run the U.S., a 3,000 mile segmented relay with the goal of raising awareness of multiple schlerosis and funds to further research in the fight to end MS.

The mother of three was diagnosed with MS nine years ago, after the birth of her third son.

You never think that in your late 20s, that you are going to have to take care of your partner like that, said Michelle You know, bathe and feed them, shave my armpits, do my makeup. But, her husband Justin has been there for her every step of the way.

Last year, Michelle ran her first half marathon.

It was awesome, it was amazing, such an accomplishment, said Michelle. It was all to help raise money and awareness for MS.

She ran another one in January. Then she heard about the MS Run the US relay, in which 16 runners each do seven marathons in seven days.

Michelle's course took her through the Wasatch Mountains in Utah.

The run got off to a good start. Michelle felt strong after the first day, so she took on 30 miles on the second day.

I just felt on Cloud 9, she said. It was such an amazing accomplishment to show people with MS that you can do this.

But her high was short lived. That night she experienced pain throughout her body and was rushed to the emergency room.

Doctors told her she couldn't go on without risking kidney failure. I broke down sobbing, thinking 'no, I came here to do this,' she said.

That's when her husband stepped up. Justin strapped on his running shoes and finished Michelle's miles for her.

It's important to her, so I will do whatever I can to help her accomplish this, he said.

I couldn't do anything but sit in the car and watch him do those miles, said Michelle. It was really painful and torturous for him. And he was doing it for me.

In the end, Team Jacobi finished the grueling run through a combination of determination, love, and support.

The MS Run the US relay will wrap up in New York this September and the Jacobi's will be there to run the final miles.

For more information on the relay click here.

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