BOISE -- With the recent arrest of a terrorism suspect in Boise, many people are thinking about what they can do to help keep their family and community safe.

Those at Homeland Security and Idaho State Police say the answer is being vigilant. As you know, police and federal agents can't be everywhere, and can't see and hear everything. So, they say neighbors who notice suspicious activity can be their eyes and ears, and help prevent terrorism.

If they see something out of the ordinary, they most likely are going to contact their local law enforcement, said Robert Feeley with the Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security. Those are the things that are really effective deterrents to both criminal activity, and to potential acts of terror.

Colonel Ralph Powell, Director for Idaho State Police, says we need to focus on prevention. One of the most common things that happens after a terrorist event, for example, using the Boston incident, is when it's all done, there are lots of people saying, 'Yeah, I saw that. I noticed that they were doing this.' And, if we can pre-think that, we would bring that information that we thought was suspicious to the attention of law enforcement when we see it.

Powell also recommends if you see something suspicious, take notes, so you can be a good witness for police. They want to know about faces and clothes of people involved, the location, duration, frequency of events, and any vehicles or equipment involved. Also, take pictures if you can.

Police also say if it turns out to be nothing, great, they still want to know. But if it is something, you could be preventing a crime or an act of terror.

Idaho State Police have a website set up to help you report suspicious activity.

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