BOISE -- Officers with guns drawn busted two would-be burglars on the rooftop of a local outdoor gear company early Thursday morning, according to reports.

Police say an alert neighbor spotted Cody Tennant, 27, and Spencer Sanders, 29, on the roof of the Benchmark outdoor gear store on South Vista Avenue just after 5 a.m.

Police and firefighters responded to the location after the neighbor called 911. So did the manager of the store.

Seth Goicoechea said he watched firefighters help officers arrest the pair.

Goicoechea said several officers rode to the top of his building in the bucket of a Boise Fire Department ladder truck with their guns trained on the suspects.

The guys yelled, 'Don't shoot,' Goicoechea said, describing the reaction of the terrified duo.

Officers say it's obvious the men planned to enter the business because they had burglary tools in their possession when arrested.

Goicoechea said the pair was trying to cut into the building's ventilation system and had wire cutters and a crowbar.

Tennant and Sanders are charged with felony attempted burglary and misdemeanor possession of burglary tools.

They're currently in the Ada County Jail.

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