ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. -- Titus Young pleaded not guilty to eight different charges Tuesday.

The former Boise State and Detroit Lions wide receiver was arrested in California for the third time in a week.

Most recently, the 23-year-old was arrested on May 10 in San Clemente, California for allegedly breaking into a home.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Young was charged Tuesday with two other counts of felony burglary from a May 4 incident, when he allegedly stole a bottle of water, some candy and cigars from a Chevron station in Riverside County, California.

Young was not arrested at the scene of the crime, but has since been identified as a suspect in the crime.

It was just after midnight on May 5, when Young was arrested in Riverside County, for suspicion of driving under the influence, and then he was arrested again 15 hours later for trying to take his car from a tow yard.

Young's bail has been reduced to $25,000, and his next court appearance is set for May 24.

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