BOISE -- We're just a week and a half from the election, but judging by the turnout so far, very few people in Ada County know or care that there even is an election.

John Lyon showed up to Ada County Elections Office on Saturday to vote early.

I'm just very interested in this issue, said Lyon.

He's passionate about a bond on the ballot that would allow the city of Eagle to buy, instead of lease, their City Hall. But so far, he appears to be one of few that are passionate about anything on the Ada County ballot.

A lot of people don't even know there's an election, said Lyon. I was disappointed, when it came up before, and it didn't get the votes it needed.

Just a few months ago, lines stretched around the block for early voting. That wasn't quite the case on Saturday, according to Chief Deputy Clerk Phil McGrane.

It's been a really slow election, in terms of early voting. Today, so far, my understanding is that we've had about four, maybe six voters total, said McGrane.

McGrane says some people are just not eligible to vote, if they're not in a taxing district with anything on the ballot. But most, it seems, just aren't interested in voting in the Greater Boise Auditorium District election, or for school board trustees.

Someone showed up today, said McGrane. They came in to vote, signed up, signed the poll work and everything. [They] got their ballot, and once they saw what the contents of the ballot were, they decided it wasn't interesting enough to vote on. So, they turned the ballot back over to us. They decided it wasn't worth it, after all.

McGrane says in the entire first week of early voting, there's only been about 170 people. Compare that to the November election, where they got about 1,000 people a day. But of course, this is not the November election.

In the presidential election, everyone has huge interest. These are all the local districts, said McGrane. So, it's just not that exciting of an election, except for those who are very interested in their local government.

If you do want to vote early in Ada County, this was the only Saturday. But, the Ada County's elections office will offer early voting Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm, through May 17th.

Also, there's more on the ballots in other counties, like seven school districts in the Western part of the valley, asking for levies or bonds.

For more on what you can expect when you head to the polls, check out our voter guide, complete with polling locations, sample ballots, and more.

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