BOISE -- The recent tragedy at the Boston Marathon has left many asking the obvious questions of why, and how could something like this happen? It is also bringing the possibility of something like this happening again to the minds of people across the United States.

While Boise is a small city compared to others across the country, the explosions in Boston have organizers of the Race to Robie asking if more needs to be done to plan for the unexpected at their small, but popular race.

The half marathon, nicknamed by organizers as The Toughest Race in the Northwest, will be ran on Saturday. As race day nears, the committee of organizers already had several planning meetings scheduled to cover all of the details. Now the question of security, and if anything more needs to be done will also be discussed at those meetings.

I'm sure it will be a discussion point, race committee member Brian Rencher said. Do we do anything different, how do we change things, what do we address? Our situation is a little different because our finish line is secure, per say. Not everyone can get to it, nobody can get to it unless you've got a pass or you're an invited guest. So, that changes things just a bit.

In years past, Race to Robie organizers have met with police and emergency personnel to discuss possible situations that could arise at an event involving so many people. Police assistance is needed to help with traffic issues at the start line in Ada County, and other possible situations have also been discussed.

We have addressed Boise County, because that's where our finish is, Rencher said. We have had a contingency plan in force with them, really a fire issue. If we run into a fire issue in Robie Creek, just because it's such a narrow canyon, we've addressed situations in that, and protocol.

Now the recent shocking news from the Boston Marathon has organizers wondering if more should be done.

We'll talk among our committee, and ask for some help from the Boise Police and from Boise County to see if we do need to do something a little bit different than what we normally do.

The Race to Robie starts at 12:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 20.

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