BOISE -- There's a prickly new bundle of joy at Zoo Boise, and he doesn't even have a name.

The baby male porcupine -- properly called a porcupette -- was born on April 8th. His parents are porcupines Zeus and Athena, who currently reside at the zoo.

Zookeepers say the tiny porcupine's mother spends most of her day sleeping in the trees while her baby porcupette is on the ground. However, they say she comes down to care for the baby and to sleep near him at night.

Baby and mother porcupine are currently on display next to the penguin exhibit.

Fun fact:Porcupettes are born with soft quills, which harden within 30 minutes after birth, according to zoo officials.

The unnamed baby porcupette is the second of his kind to be born at Zoo Boise. Another baby porcupine, Olympus was born last July.


Since the zoo obviously has a track record of naming their porcupines after Greek gods and goddesses, we wanted to include some possible name choices for viewers to select.

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