BOISE -- If you haven't had a chance to catch Bodies Revealed at the Discovery Center of Idaho, time is almost out.

The exhibit, featuring more than 10 human bodies and more than 100 body parts, will only be here for one more day. Bodies Revealed was years in the making. The exhibit takes up about two thirds of the museum, much more than most of their temporary exhibits. However, very soon, this special look inside the human body will leave the Discovery Center.

I think it's amazing to be able to see each individual part of the body like this, it's really cool, said one museumgoer.

It has been kind of a cultural change for people that are used to coming to the discovery center on a regular basis, said Doug Lambuth of the Discovery Center of Idaho.

The usual fare at DCI encourages people to touch, which is not the case with Bodies Revealed. Despite this departure, people enjoyed the exhibit.

It's hard in a lab even to come up with something this intricate and have it preserved so the whole public can see it. It's pretty interesting actually, said a nurse, visiting the exhibit.

Folks at DCI said they tried to make tickets to Bodies Revealed affordable so more people could experience it.

People do see the educational value for even bringing their young children here 45 and realizing they may never have an opportunity to see something this unique again, said Lambuth.

Lambuth said the exhibit was a big hit.

When it's all said and done, we'll probably have seen about 55 to 60 percent more attendance due to Bodies, he said. Definitely we see the whole experience of Bodies Revealed in Boise as being a very big success for the community and for the Discovery Center, and we'll definitely strongly consider bringing what we call 'blockbuster exhibits' to the discovery center in the future.

The last day for Bodies Revealed is March 31.

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