NAMPA -- Voters in Nampa passed the school district's $4.3M levy Tuesday, but that doesn't mean the district's problems are solved. Officials say the district's mission for financial stability is not over, and nothing is safe from potential cuts.

Voter and parent Echo Molina said she voted for the levy.

I can see already that the Nampa School District is already going without in a lot of areas. In a lot of areas, our kids are going without, said Molina, who has two kids in Nampa schools.

District spokesperson Allison Westfall said they'll get access to the money from the levy next January. But even still, she said there will be more cuts.

Part of our financial recovery plan would be making the cuts necessary to live within our means. We also need to erase our deficit and create an emergency fund for the future, said Westfall.

Budgeting errors in years past are still affecting current budgets.

Some of those budget mistakes that we made in the past influenced our current budget, and again we overspent the prior year and had no savings. And so all those things came into play in this year's budget, Westfall said. We started this school year with a debt, and then as we looked at our budget for this year, we recognized that we were overspending.

One idea being discussed is closing an elementary school by the 2013-2014 school year, and some parents think that's not the best solution.

There's not enough teachers, not enough help, and there's too many kids crammed into classrooms, Molina said.

Still, cuts have to be made before the district is out of the red.

The levy passage is good news, but now we're turning towards that work of balancing our budget and restoring financial stability, and there's hard work ahead, Westfall said.

There will be a public hearing this coming Monday at Nampa High about several things, including closing a school.

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