BOISE -- What do football teams, software developers, law enforcement agents and dance companies have in common? And what can they learn from one another?

That's the topic of a new book by Boise State University business professor Nancy Napier, BSU head football coach Chris Petersen and other leaders from Boise organizations.

Napier first began working with Coach Pete and other members of a group she dubbed The Gang in 2006.

Each organization in The Gang is a high performer in its field.

The group meets regularly to share insights across disciplines to push themselves to ever higher levels of performance.

I think principles of success and the right way of doing things fit in all different cultures and businesses and occupations, said Petersen. The nuts and bolts of what you're doing... computer programming, fixing healthcare systems... that's different than running football plays, but in terms of leadership type of things, you know they work everywhere.

Chapters of the book: Wise Beyond Your Field: How Creative Leaders Out Innovate to Out Perform, are authored by various members of The Gang.

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