STAR -- The Star Fire District is almost $700,000 dollars in the hole. Officials from the district have asked the Star mayor and city council to help them by buy the department, and also to help run a contract for service.

Star residents spoke out on what they think the city should do at Tuesday's City Council meeting. Citizens at the meeting were split on which way the city should vote.

Eagle Fire Chief Mike Winkle said the fire department had joint powers of agreement with the Star Fire Department. Winkle said things were going well until they saw the 2010 and 2011 audits, which he said didn't match the numbers they were originally given. The joints powers of agreement between Eagle Fire and the Star Fire District were canceled yesterday.

Leaders of the Star Fire District went to Mayor Nathan Mitchell and the Star City Council. They asked the city to buy the Star Fire District, thus fixing their debt problems. Then the city would run a contract for service with the fire district.

The district's in debt and they've got an operational shortfall, said Star Mayor, Nathan Mitchell. All of that gets fixed through this process with the investment of some city revenue, cash on hand revenue to purchase their assets, to get into the business and make their debt go away and fix the structure so that they don't have ongoing operational negative revenue.

Tuesday, the city council voted to proceed with the process toward the purchase of the Star Fire District.

Mayor Mitchell said the city will make a final agreement on how this will look in the next 60 to 90 days.

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