NAMPA -- It's final push to raise money for the annual Scott Firefighter Stair Climb Fundraiser in Seattle.

Nampa firefighters held a fundraiser at Snake River Crossfit Saturday afternoon.

The stair climb is a race of endurance, firefighters will climb 69 flights of stairs, which is 1311 steps, and going up 788 feet at the Columbia Center, which is the tallest building in Downtown Seattle.

They will be dressed in full gear to raise money for Leukemia and Lymphoma research.

It's a grueling event. It's incredibly hot with the structure gear, like I said, 60 pounds. Your breathing is on demand with yourself contained breathing apparatus, but it's incredibly worth it. The comradery up there seeing firefighters from all over the nation, said Senior Firefighter Shawn Mangun.

For $30 dollars individuals did a workout with the firefighters, experiencing the physical demands of the job.

The Scott Firefighter Stair Climb is March 9th.

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