BOISE-- It was a hard day for a local charter school that is shutting its doors because of a lack of funding.

Today was the last day for students at DaVinci Charter School.

Teaching tools and classroom supplies were boxed up to be moved out.

The teachers didn't expect any students here on their last official day.

They tell us all 120 students have already been placed in other schools or are being home schooled.
But for this small, tight knit charter school, this is difficult.

Everything from tears to anger to trying to blame but it's really just a snowball of events, so it's not like you can blame it on one certain thing and I won't do that, said Cindy Hoovel.

Director Cindy Hoovel says the school ran out of money, needing $300,000 to get through this school year.

I think it's really sad for a school like this to go because it had very, very unique special ways we teach, it was completely coming together, said Hoovel.

Hoovel is disappointed that their funding struggles led to the school's closing.

Certainly didn't want us to be the poster child, but darn good example of what they are trying to get towards at least a little more equality in the funding, said Hoovel.

She's says today is hardest on the teachers who had to say goodbye to the students they dedicated so much to.

They are just, I guess the word might be horrified, the fact that their children, they are their family, the kids are their family, said Hoovel.

Funding for charter schools is an issue that Idaho lawmakers have been discussing.

On Thursday, the House Education Committee introduced a bill that would create an authorizer fee and a facilities funding stream. The legislation is aimed at giving more money and resources to help charter schools succeed.

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