MOSCOW, Russia -- After international politics got in the way, a nearly yearlong ordeal is almost over for a Nampa family trying to adopt a young boy with Down syndrome from Russia.

We first introduced you to Brian and Becky Preece in July when they were in the middle of trying to adopt 4-year-old Gabriel from Russia.

About a month ago, they arrived in Moscow expecting to finally bring Gabriel home with them. However, they ran into judicial limbo.

Very recently, a Russian law was passed that banned Americans from adopting children there, but the Preece's adoption was already approved and finalized by a Russian court. Therefore, the Preeces, along with 51 other American families with finalized adoptions, were not allowed to take custody or leave the country with their kids.

That is until just this week when the courts finally decided to allow these parents to take their kids home. Brian had to come back to Idaho to take care of their other kids a few weeks ago. Meanwhile, Becky has been in Russia this whole time and just picked up Gabriel from the orphanage.

Brian describes how their little guy is loving life with his new mom always by his side. That little boy is loving it... The other day he's taking a nap, and he'd wake up, and the first thing he'd say is, 'Mama? Mama?' Becky would be there, and he'd go, 'Oh...' and just fall right back asleep.

It all looks like a done deal. Becky just needs to pick up a visa and passport from the embassy on Monday, and should be coming home Tuesday or Wednesday. However, Brian says with all the obstacles they have faced, he will not completely believe it's done until he sees the flight plan.

Becky was staying in Moscow with a friend from Utah who was also trying to adopt and facing the same problems. She was also able to finalize her adoption, and they should come back next week too.

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