BOISE -- Have you been jolted out of sleep by the loud engine noise over Boise this week?

Local military representatives say some sort of military aircraft have been gunning their engines near southeast Boise and Columbia Village several nights this week.

They've even stopped to gas up at the Boise Airport.

Idaho National Guard Colonel Tim Marsano says he hasn't confirmed the identity of the mystery planes, but he has his suspicions.

Exactly what military unit they belong to, I can't say for certain, Marsano told KTVB. I can tell you this, they're not local.

Marsano says he's received several calls from citizens complaining about the noise. He says the policy at Mountain Home AFB and Gowen Field is to alert citizens to upcoming trainings, and to try to avoid flying directly over populated areas.

So, who exactly are these 'other' units, and why are they here?

We have some of the best training facilities in the country here in Idaho, along the southern Idaho / Nevada border, Marsano told KTVB.

That includes bombing ranges near the Bruneau Desert and other areas near the Snake River where very little commercial air travel is present.

Marsano says out-of-state military aircraft aren't required to notify local agencies when they conduct maneuvers in these desirable training areas.

Of course, they're not required to, but I think it would be very courteous of them to do so, Marsano said.

Instead of buzzing Boiseans, Marsano said he'll encourage the out-of-state pilots to avoid populated areas -- when he gets in contact with their commanders.

They are very loud, Marsano commented. They woke me up.

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