VANCOUVER, Wash. -- The Vancouver teen who was killed by police last Friday died after he was shot in the back, the Clark County Medical Examiner said Monday.

Doug Combs, 16, died in gunfire in a downtown Vancouver neighborhood at about 11:30 p.m. Police said they had been following Combs because he was a suspect in a home invasion shooting in Hazel Dell earlier that day, along with two recent convenience store armed robberies.

The medical examiner listed Combs' official cause of death as gunshot wounds of the back.

I heard four or five fired gunshots, said Pete Johnson who lives near the shooting scene at East 21st and C Street.

Terry Greenen heard gunshots on both sides of his house. He also heard police make some kind of command right before the shots were fired.

I heard shots fired and there was one young man over there dead. They were not trying to resuscitate him, and a second one was right over here that was apprehended, said Greenen.

Police arrested a 16-year old who was with Combs at the time of the shooting. He was booked in the Clark County Juvenile Detention Center for unlawful possession of a firearm.

The probable cause document obtained by KGW showed that police said the second youth fled while armed with a semi-automatic pistol. He was captured a short time later after he collided with a police car and admitted possessing the gun, investigators said.

The Camas Police Department and Vancouver Police Department continue to investigate the officer-involved shooting.

Doug Combs' oldest brother Brian drove down from Seattle after hearing his brother was killed.

The thing I don t understand is he made a mistake and deserved to be punished, but what I don't understand is why if they knew where he was, they couldn't have used non-lethal force, Brian said.

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