BOISE -- Several inches of snow still cover much of the Treasure Valley as we get a closer look at the extent of Monday's winter storm.

Local law enforcement responded to more than 100 weather-related accidents, while road crews used plenty of resources during the storm.

About 4 inches of snow fell in the Boise area, leaving a mess on many roads during the rush hour.

By mid-morning Monday, most major roads in the Boise area were clear, but road crews were still very busy.

The Idaho Transportation Department has 15 snowplows it uses on local highways.

We put all of our crews and all of our equipment, you can see the roads are in good shape, the interstate is in good shape, said ITD spokesman Reed Hollinshead.

Hollinshead says they responded to Monday's continuing snowfall with all their crews working all day and all night. Just with the volume of people we have on the road, any snow event is serious, but when you get 4 inches of snow, it's even more so, he said.

But the snow and ice still caused many accidents.

Ada County tells us they responded to 30 crashes, along with 23 slide-offs.

Of all the collisions, only four caused injuries.

Idaho State Police responded to 41 crashes, along with 31 slide-offs, and 36 motorist assists.

That means more than 100 incidents since Monday morning.

So how much of our resources were used to clean up this storm?

Ada County says Monday they put out 80,000 gallons of de-icer. That's nearly half of all of the de-icer used in 2012.

Crews used 750 cubic yards of sand Monday, which is more than half of what was used during all of 2012.

They also used 90 tons of salt Monday, which is more than all the salt used last year.

The Canyon County Sheriff's Office was busy too, responding to 18 accidents in the past two days.

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