BOISE-- As most pet owners do, Denise and Mark Engebrecht can't help but gush about their dog.

Oh my gosh he is a character, said Denise Engebrecht. I don t know if a dog can be funny, but he is funny.

And to boot he was probably the smartest dog I had ever seen in my life, added Mark.

Sunday, they sat down with a KTVB looking through pictures and videos of their 11 year old pug, Popeye.

The Engebrechts are heartbroken, because last Wednesday something happened to Popeye and they believe someone hurt him, purposely.

They were absolutely devastated when they found out it was him, said Dr. Darrin Everett with Broadway Veterinary Hospital.

He was having what we call agonal breaths meaning, kind of end of life gasping, explained Dr. Everett, who worked on Popeye.

He said around 6:30 that evening, a good samaritan found Popeye in the middle of the road on Gekeler Lane, injured very badly.

The little pug was bleeding profusely from a wound in his side, said Dr. Everett.

So he gave the dog pain medication, but just minutes after that, Popeye passed away.

Everett said the entry wound was on the ride side of his body, and it was about the size of a dime. Whatever it was, it severed his colon, lacerated the aorta and shattered his pelvic bone.

It was unlikely that I was going to be able to save him unfortunately, said Dr. Everett.

Although he is unsure what it could be, Dr Everett said the injury is consistent with that of a bullet wound.

Later that night, by the help of their lost dog Craigslist ad, a Broadway Veterinary Hospital tech called Denise and Mark and confirmed the dead dog was indeed Popeye.

We are looking for answers, said Denise.

The Engebrechts said they are hoping someone will come forward with information.

Certainly we are hoping somebody heard something or saw something, said Denise. And maybe somebody will come forward and tell you know, maybe their conscious will bother them.

However, until they get those answers; all the Engebrechts have left of Popeye are memories.

Just a sweetie just a totally sweet little dog, she said.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Boise Police Department or Crime Stoppers at 343-COPS.

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