BOISE -- You may have seen the picture of Santa at Boise Towne Square Mall sleeping with a baby on his chest. Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, the famous photo of snoozing Santa has gone viral.

Here's something you might not know -- the photo was actually taken last Christmas. Another thing you might not know -- the photo has started a trend.

I think it's the fact that you don't see such a precious moment so often, and one that's shared, said Tina Kierce, of the Boise Towne Square Mall.

Kierce says this particular mall Santa is a favorite with shoppers because he works with parents and kids to get fun snapshots. He will work with them until they get that precious photo, Kierce said.

Kierce says shoppers sometimes ask this particular Santa to perform his famous sleeping pose. Other times, he just improvises.

We saw him doing just that with another baby.

We're just getting Nicholas' picture taken. It's his first Christmas, so it's really exciting, said Maria Garcia-Baca.

Garcia-Baca took her son Nicholas to meet St. Nick. That's actually who we named him after, said Garcia-Baca.

Although she never saw the original sleeping Santa picture, Garcia-Baca says she thinks it's a precious idea, and wanted little Nick to have his picture taken in the pose. It was just a surprise, so I'm excited to see the picture, she said.

All that attention goes to show this Santa is a popular man with Treasure Valley parents and kids. He's also quite famous.

Families are lining up as soon as the mall opens, Kierce said. If Santa is coming on set at 10 in the morning, they're lined up at nine.

Santa is, of course, expected to be back at The Boise Towne Square Mall next year.

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