MERIDIAN -- Three schools in Joint School District No. 2 were in lockdown this morning. Centennial High School, Joplin Elementary School, and Lowell Scott Middle School were placed in what a district spokesman calls a shelter in place mode.

Eric Exline, a spokesman for Joint School District No. 2, says around 10 a.m. a school resource officer noticed a student in the gymnasium of Centennial High School. No students should have been in the gym at that time. Exline says when the SRO approached the student, the student fled from the school building.

Exline says because of threats made against Centennial High this week and because the school is on a heightened sense of alert, school leaders placed Centennial High in what's called a shelter in place mode, meaning all doors to the school were locked. No one was allowed to enter or leave the school.

Exline says law enforcement officers responded to the Centennial High to investigate. At this time, the student has not been located. However, Exline says there is no reason to believe students are in danger. Exline says the school was beginning to come out of the shelter in place mode around 11 a.m.

Exline says the district also placed Joplin Elementary and Lowell Scott Middle in lockdown because of their proximity to Centennial High. They too were coming out of the shelter in place mode around 11 a.m.

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