Life in a shelter for dogs can be pretty grim. But this weekend, there's good news for hundreds of shelter dogs in Southern California.

They're being saved and heading to new homes in the Pacific Northwest, thanks to some extraordinary volunteers.

Wings of Rescue calls this operation Animal Airlift, one of the largest dog rescues ever organized on the West Coast.

We have saved approximately 5,000 animals in the last year, 18 months, and they all get homes, said Rene Ruston of Wings of Rescue.

This weekend 300 dogs are on the move. Five-year-old Sedona spent weeks in a shelter and had just hours to live. She was saved on the day she was to be euthanized.

Wings Of Rescue found each of these dogs in an over populated Los Angeles shelter. Now they have a new home in a West Coast state where there's a demand for dogs ...

To get the dogs ready and shipped to their new homes, it took months of planning and tens of thousands of dollars.

In all, 11 flights will criss-cross the Pacific Northwest. Five to 50 dogs flying first class, but some, like Gizmo, never make it off the runway. He was adopted by a volunteer who couldn't resist.

I love his face and that crazy hair, said Victoria Nodiff-Netanel.

For each of these dogs, a happy ending where there was once little hope. Sweet Sedona is now safe in Oregon. She has a new home and a new life.

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