BOISE -- The Broncos will take on the University of Washington Huskies in the Las Vegas MAACO Bowl on Saturday, Dec. 22. The teams will meet at Sam Boyd Stadium for the historic match-up.

Kickoff is at 12:30 p.m. Pacific Time.

Thousands of Bronco fans are expected to show up at the game to show their support -- just like they have for the team's past two MAACO Bowl appearances -- in 2010 and 2011.

But how much cash should those fans expect to drop to get there?

Whether you're flying, driving, or buying a package deal -- we found the best prices for the MAACO Bowl.


General admission bowl tickets are selling for $62 online, with a $20 fedex ticket fee to cover 2-day shipping. That means the total ticket cost will be $82. Tickets are estimated to ship on December 10.

Click here for ticket information for students, season ticket holders, and BSU alumni.


The cold, lonely road to Las Vegas is a 10-hour drive through Southern Idaho and Northern Nevada.

However, it's also one of the cheapest ways to get to Sin City and see the Broncos take on the Huskies.

With gas prices at $3.37 (via KTVB's gas tracker), the 630 mile trip will cost drivers who get an average 20 mpg $106 each way, for a total of at least $212.

In this scenario, those planning to ride share with high-mpg vehicles could score some good deals.


Want to fly to the MAACO Bowl, but haven't purchased a ticket? Your options are limited.

Sure, you can buy a one-way ticket on Allegiant Airlines for $165 -- but that means staying in Vegas until Monday when the next Allegiant flight returns to Boise. That also means paying for two nights in a hotel.

What if you want to fly back to Boise on Sunday?

Expect to fork over more than $600 for a round-trip boarding pass to Vegas on December 22 with a return flight on December 23. We found the cheapest tickets for this scenario at Harmon Travel in Boise for $645.

When we last checked, Alaska Airlines is also offering flights on Dec. 22 with the option of a return flight on Dec. 23 -- for $695, including taxes.


Sleeping in your car in a municipal parking lot is probably the cheapest way to stay in Vegas, but it probably isn't the most comfortable -- or safest.

A quick check with showed double occupancy rates on the Las Vegas strip from about $45 to $150. FYI -- the strip is about 25 minutes from Sam Boyd Stadium, so you'll need to have a car to get to the game, or arrange for a ride.


Several local travel agencies are offering MAACO Bowl trips with airfare and hotel, or bus and hotel stays.

Prices for bus/ two-night hotel stays are being offered for about $300, excluding game day tickets. Prices for airfare / two-night hotel stays range from about $650 to $1,700, depending on options.

Click here for bus / hotel packages from Tru Blu Travel.

Click here for bus / hotel and airline / hotel packages from Harmon Travel.

Click here for bus / hotel and airline / hotel packages from Global Travel


Cost when driving on your own

Bowl tickets -- $82
Gas -- $212
Hotel -- $45
Total = $339

Cost when flying on your own

Bowl tickets -- $82
Flight -- $165 X 2 via Allegiant (returning Monday Dec. 24)
Hotel -- $45 X 2 nights
Total = $502 and up

Travel Packages

Bus trip via Harmon Travel, including hotel -- from $295 plus $82 bowl tickets = $377
Air travel via Harmon Travel, including hotel -- from $825 plus $82 bowl tickets = $907


The cheapest options for getting to the MAACO Bowl includes driving yourself and staying in a cut rate hotel with friends ($339 per person or less). Alternatively, you could purchase a pre-planned bus trip with a local travel agency for a few dollars more ($377).

Since Vegas can be a pricey town, you'll probably want to factor in cash for food, drinks, and gambling if you so choose.

Go Broncos!

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