CANYON COUNTY -- State Police say three men involved in an interstate marijuana smuggling scheme were busted west of Caldwell on Tuesday.

Suspects 32-year-old Victor Carl Banks from Alabama, 51-year-old Bryan Freeman from Indiana, and 31-year-old Cornelious Petty from Alabama are currently in the Canyon County Jail.

All three men are charged with various felony drug trafficking charges.

Police say Petty was driving a white Chrysler 300 on I-84 outside of Caldwell when he tried to disguise his face and body as he drove past an ISP cruiser parked in the median.

According to the arrest affidavit, the ISP trooper became suspicious of Petty's actions, followed him, and observed Petty swerving out of his lane and failing to use turn signals correctly.

When pulled over, police say Petty appeared extremely nervous when asked if there were drugs in his car. He eventually gave the trooper permission to search his Chrysler 300.

Police say the trooper's search turned up a large Fedex box in the back seat full of marijuana. Police say four more Fedex boxes were found in the trunk, with a total weight of 64 pounds.

What's more, police say a Cadillac with Freeman and Banks inside was following Petty's vehicle. They say the Cadillac sped past the trooper as he pulled over the Chrysler -- as if the occupants inside wanted the trooper to follow it.

Police say a separate ISP cruiser pulled the Cadillac over, and found paperwork inside linking all three men to the Fedex boxes full of marijuana in the Chrysler. They say more paperwork showed all three men had been on the same flight to Sacramento, CA, and that Freeman had rented both vehicles.

Police say Freeman later admitted he followed Petty from California to Idaho.

All three remain in the Canyon County Jail.

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