BOISE -- When you head to the poll on Tuesday, you may notice that your neighbor gets a different ballot that you do.

It all revolves around somewhat mixed-up maps in several precincts.

Just because someone may have a Garden City mailing address and is surrounded by Garden City residents, does not mean they actually live in Garden City.

It comes down, not to your address, but your taxes. Wherever you send that check tells you what city you belong to, and what city issues you'll be voting for.

On the election commission's map, some cities, like Garden City and Eagle, look spotty with precincts picked apart.

People think of cities as these units that are all together, but they're not, said Ada County Deputy Clerk Phil McGrane.

McGrane wants voters to know that the city on your mailing address doesn't matter - what matters is the city you pay taxes to.

If it's Garden City, you'll have two extra initiatives concerning the Greenbelt. In Eagle, you'll be deciding whether to buy the Eagle City Hall building. Everywhere else, you'll get the generic ballot.

McGrane says clerks simply check the list when you arrive, looking for a GC or E beside your name.

So far, there's only been one mistake during early voting.

In one instance it was a human error when they were looking up the code, the person wasn't issued the right ballot, said McGrane.

McGrane says fortunately that voter, who did live in Garden City, recognized the mistake and was given the correct ballot right away.

The only other area that has an added item on the ballot is a small subdivision in Meridian, which will be voting on a sewer initiative.

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