BOISE -- Today marked day one of testimony and evidence in the trial of a man accused of murdering an attorney in a Meridian Walgreens parking lot last year.

Rob Hall is accused of gunning down Emmett Corrigan last March -- prosecutors say because of an affair.

Prosecutors covered a lot of information today, and did it very quickly.

More than a dozen witnesses have already testified.

The trial is expected to take more than three weeks, but prosecutors and the judge made comments that today's testimony went more quickly than initially planned.

Part of the brisk pace in the trial came from opening statements. The prosecutor's opening was around 10 minutes long.

Then, the defense decided not to give an opening statement.

The prosecutor told jurors a simple story of what she says happened -- that Hall took a loaded gun to Walgreens to wait for Corrigan.

The state says Corrigan and Hall's wife Kandi were having an affair, and they say the motive was Hall trying to stop his wife from leaving him.

With no defense statement yet, it's difficult to know where Hall's case is going, but prosecutors preemptively talked about self-defense, saying this isn't a case like that.

The defendant is the only one who brought a gun to that parking lot, said Deputy Attorney General Jessica Lorello. The defendant is the one who waited for Emmett Corrigan to come to that parking lot.

Witnesses today included several people who were at, or near Walgreens that night, as well as several police officers.

Based on some pre-trial discussion today it appears prosecutors may call Hall's wife, Kandi Hall, tomorrow. She was in the parking lot when the shooting happened.

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