BOISE -- With the cold, and in some areas, freezing temperatures, we ve had the last few days, a lot of us are thinking about snow. And probably no place is thinking snow more than Bogus Basin. Last season was the latest opening the ski resort has ever had. Now they're looking to rebound.

It's almost hard to imagine that in just a few months, the mountain side at Bogus Basin will be filled with thousands of skiers and snowboarders.

People are thinking a lot about snow. The downtown office is filled with people that want to sign up for lessons and buy passes, said Bogus Basin General Manager Alan Moore.

Last year the ski area didn't open until Jan. 19.

That was so far out of the realm of what typically happens, said Moore.

Moore says opening after the holidays hurt.

Those are our biggest days, by far our biggest days and we weren't open for any of those, and that was the toughest part, said Moore. Bottom line we probably lost about $200,000 against a budgeted half a million dollar income figure.

Even though it wasn't the worst financial year for Bogus Basin, the resort still doesn't have a lot of money.

We had enough money to buy paint, but we really didn t have enough money to do anything new, said Moore.

Other improvements include flattening out the parking lot and removing the potholes. They also added a little hill for beginning skiers. Crews also removed tall and thick bushes for skiers and boarders looking to ride off-run.

Differences that didn't cost us a lot of money, but should make the experience a little better, said Moore.

Now with a trimmed down staff, Bogus Basin is hoping this year will be better than the last.

We were so far out of the typical opening date last year that we won't have something like that, you can take my word, it isn't going to happen, said Moore.

Every year, Bogus Basin hopes and aims to open by the first week in December. There's another change Bogus is seriously considering and that's increasing the price of the President's Day sale on season passes. Moore says they will probably raise that price from $199 to $229.

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