BOISE-- A Boise man is in jail after a bizarre incident that police say involved drinking and driving, drug paraphernalia, and assault.

Boise Police say 49-year-old Christopher R. Boeller was arrested Wednesday on several felony warrants.

Boeller is charged with DUI, aggravated battery, aggravated assault, and posession of drug paraphernalia, among other crimes that allegedly happened on August 9th.

Police say that's when officers tried to stop Boeller near the intersection of Vista Avenue and Kootenai Street after they noticed his vehicle had a flat tire.

They say Boeller then led officers on a dangerous chase, tried to swerve at a bicyclist riding on a nearby sidewalk, then purposely crashed head-on into another vehicle.

Officers used a squad car to ram Boeller's vehicle and stop him. They report having to forcefully pull him from the vehicle afterward. Police say a subsequent search turned up a glass smoking pipe with suspected meth residue inside Boeller's pants pocket.

Due to injuries he received in the crash, Boeller wasn't arrested until Wednesday.

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