MERIDIAN -- There was a house fire earlier this week in Meridian.

The problem is that it happened in the middle of the night.

One of the neighbors woke up just in time to see the flames!

She jumped into action, and so did the rest of the neighborhood.

When firefighters arrived near Ustick and Linder roads early Tuesday morning, a house on Andrew Creek Drive was going up in smoke.

Suddenly I woke up and my bedroom window was glowing orange, said Tara Skeesuck.

Alert neighbor Tara Skeesuck spotted the fire first.

I immediately grabbed the phone and dialed 911, she said. I ran and woke up my husband and we ran outside and began knocking on the doors of our neighbors.

The people inside the house were sound asleep, Tara Skeesuck and her husband helped get them out.

He jumped right in on the action and we both got the neighbors out together, Tara said.

One woman needed some extra help, and the Skeesucks helped get her to safety. Tara is just glad she happened to wake up when she did.

Not what I was expecting, not a way to wake up but I was glad to be able to do what I did, Tara said. I didn't stop to think, I just did what I needed to do, thank goodness.

Other neighbors jumped in too. Fire crews arrived to find many of them fighting the fire with garden hoses. That helped keep it from spreading. Quick thinking from all involved!

Great team work, yes! Tara said.

Tara Skeesuck is a teacher at Prospect Elementary School in Meridian.

I am! I'm a fourth-grade teacher, so I've got quite a story for my students! she said.

A story that's still sinking in; and one she won't soon forget!

I just automatically did what I needed to do... and I'm really glad, I'm really glad, Tara said.

Tara Skeesuck and her neighbors on Andrew Creek Drive are this week s Seven's Heroes!

Firefighters were on scene for about three hours.

The fire caused roughly $35,000 in damage, but thanks to these hero neighbors no one was hurt!

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