BOISE -- The Idaho Wildlife Summit kicks off Friday. Hundreds of people are signed up to help shape the direction of wildlife management in Idaho. This isn't just a summit for hunters, anglers, and outdoorsmen. Anyone who cares about Idaho's wildlife can come.

The Idaho Wildlife Summit is an opportunity for people in Idaho who care about wildlife, care about wildlife conservation to come together for a discussion about the future of that wildlife conservation and management in the state of Idaho, said Fish and Game Director Virgil Moore.

It starts Friday evening, and runs through the weekend. Boise is the main site, but it's also going on in Coeur d'Alene, Lewiston, Salmon, Twin Falls, Pocatello, and Idaho Falls.

For those who can't attend, you can key in and watch us on your home computer, or any computer you can get internet access, and you can interact with us, said Moore.

Idaho Fish and Game Director, Virgil Moore, says almost 900 people are registered, and they expect more people to join in over the internet.

We need to interact and hear from folks. We're asking them to participate in the summit and to participate with us after the summit so we have a better understand of what wildlife needs are that you have, he said.

Fish and Game has changed since it started 74 years ago. The Department was voted into existence by Idahoans in 1938. Over time, concerns for wildlife remain.

The needs and desires of the society haven't changed in terms of their interest in wildlife, but certainly how we get the work done for them has as our population has zoomed in growth, Moore said.

Moore and the department hope Idahoans share with them...

The growth in our urban populations and demand for wildlife viewing and recreation opportunities has increased faster than our ability to meet that need, and I want to hear from people about that, he said.

The summit is free, but they ask you to register online.

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