BOISE -- Gov. Butch Otter and the director of Idaho's Bureau of Homeland Security got a closer look today at some of the wildfires burning in Idaho.

Their first stop was in Pine at the Trinity Ridge Fire. Then they were off to Stanley to check on the Halstead Fire.

The governor wasn't at the fire camp for too long. From the time he landed to the time he took off - it was less than half an hour, just long enough to get an update on the Trinity Ridge Fire.

The governor arrived in a Black Hawk helicopter just after 3 p.m. The National Guard was at the fire camp to greet him. The governor was the one who requested their help on the fires in our state.

The governor had a private meeting with the top fire officials to find out the latest information on the fire. He's been keeping a close eye on what's been going on since he has a cabin in the area.

I think anyone who has attended those meetings that I attended last weekend knows that these folks are professional, they've got a good plan, they're working their plan and they just keep updating us, and they haven't abandoned the plan they had, and so they've got a lot of confidence in this plan and it seems to be working, said Gov. Otter.

Firefighters are finally starting to put their plan into action. This afternoon a helicopter started dropping incendiary devices between the main fire and Featherville. The pilot is making sure to drop those on the top of ridges and in dense tree lines. The incident commander told it is starting a low intensity fire that is drawn toward the main fire and Featherville.

Firefighters say this is the first step in their attack of the fire.

Once it starts getting close enough to town they will start their back burn operations.

NewsChannel 7 has a crew in Pine and will keep you updated of new information about the fire.

Meanwhile, another community meeting on the Trinity Ridge Fire is scheduled for 6 p.m. Wednesday at the Idaho City community hall.

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