SEATTLE -- Family and friends are mourning a young man who was killed overnight during a party in his honor.

The King County Sheriff s investigators were called into the 5600 block of South Langston Road around 1:30 a.m. Sunday in Seattle s Skyway neighborhood.

Friends said Minh Phu was going to be 23 this week. They were hanging around outside a home at a party celebrating his birthday when Phu walked up the driveway to his car to charge his cell phone.

We didn t hear no car. We just heard gunshots, said Andrew Sing, victim s friend.

The shots seemed to come out of nowhere.

My cousin was running up the hill to see what happened and he saw the window got blown out, said Sing.

Phu was dead in the front seat of his car.

It was just unexpected. Of all people, why him? He didn t do anything to deserve it, said Vladimir Manzon, friend.

Although the victim s friends were nearby, there were no street lights in the area and witnesses said it was pitch black when the shots were fired.

The case is being investigated by King County sheriff s deputies and comes in the midst of a violent year around south Seattle.

All the violence, all the random violence in Seattle - it s shocking when it hits close to home like that, said Henry Simpson, friend.

I feel sorry for his family. There s been a lot going down. Pray that family s ok, said Ryan Johnson, friend.

Friends said Phu lost his mother as a young child and had planned to spend part of his Sunday visiting her grave. Now family members are mourning his death.

KING 5's Amy Moreno and Liza Javier contributed to this report.

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