FEATHERVILLE, Idaho -- The Trinity Ridge Fire has torched more than 47,000 acres and firefighters say it is only going to get bigger. The steep terrain and hot weather make it difficult for firefighters to fight.

Tuesday, firefighters met with homeowners in Pine and Featherville to update them on the fire. More than 50 people piled into the Pine Senior Center.

It is a little uncertain knowing if you are going to evacuate in a day, two days, or this afternoon, said Gary Freemen, a Featherville resident.

The Trinity Ridge Fire is burning seven miles outside of Featherville. Freemen says if the fire gets closer he is ready to leave.

We've packed up our family photos and our family heirlooms, we have them all staged ready to load in the truck if we need to make a hasty exit, said Freemen.

Evacuations are on a lot of people's minds.

If they give enough notice my son would come up with his great big trailer and we would just load up and take out the memorabilia, said homeowner Sue Fish. Her husband has already left because the smoke made it hard for him to breathe.

Firefighters are encouraging people to get ready. The situation could change very rapidly, said David Eaker, a fire information officer.

So far, there have been no mandatory evacuations related to the Trinity Ridge Fire. However, in Atlanta it was recommended homeowners evacuate.

I know some have but I know some have stayed as well, said Eaker.

In Rocky Bar, a small historic mining town, firefighters set up sprinklers to keep the fire away. Right now, the fire is burning one mile from the town. Crews hope if they keep the area wet enough the fire will skip right over it.

Firefighters are doing all they can to make sure the fire doesn't reach town. But crews are in town cutting down dry plants, so if it does there will be less to burn.

Homeowners are also preparing themselves for the worst. It is only stuff, said Freemen. You know you get your family heirlooms and your family out and the rest of it is just stuff. And if it burns up, it burns up. There is not much you can do about it.

Only homeowners are being allowed into Pine and Featherville. The Elmore County Sheriff's Office decided to close the roads so if there are evacuations firefighters know how many people they need to get out.

The airports in Pine and Weatherby have also been shut down.

Firefighters say they could be fighting the Trinity Ridge Fire for months. Crews hope to have it out by October, but it could take a big rain or snow storm until it is completely out.

Each day crews are out it costs thousands of dollars. The bill to fight the Trinity Ridge Fire already exceeds $4.7 million.

Firefighters say this time of year fires can start very easily so they want people to be careful.

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